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About Us

About Us

About Us

Intelligent Pharma is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing, commercializing, and using new computational technologies for drug discovery. We carry out customized computational chemistry projects using cutting-edge technologies according to our clients´ needs.

Business Lines

Molecular Modeling Services

Intelligent Pharma’s goal is to be your computational chemistry & bioinformatics team, working with you to develop computational chemistry tasks relevant to your drug discovery project. We can also act as a support team for your computational department on the development processes you already have in place. Click here to visit Molecular Modeling Services!

3rd Party Data Management Solutions

Intelligent Pharma provides you with software solutions to manage the acquired information and knowledge of your organization. Click here to visit 3rd Party Data Management Solutions!Click here to visit 3rd Party Data Management Solutions!

Scientific Software Development Services

Intelligent Pharma offers advanced software development solutions for companies and institutions working in life sciences including the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, and nutritional fields.Click here to visit Scientific Software Development Services!

Bussiness model

  • Our goal is to carry out all computational steps involved in our client's scientific projects until a satisfactory final solution is reached.
  • The client doesn’t have to put any effort into the computational part of the research process; so, anyone, whether they have experience in this field or not, can take advantage of computational science.
  • Our organization has a vast range of R&D activities and effective project management skills, making it easy for us to develop new technologies according to the current needs of the market.

Our mission & vision

Our vision is to become the recognized industry leader in the development and use of computational chemistry.

Our mission is to become the best computational chemistry partner in the life science and materials science fields by making research more efficient and competitive, while reducing our clients’ time-to-market, risks and costs.

Our core values

Innovation, Cooperation, Flexibility, Excellence, Continuous improvement, Respect, Humor, Communication, and Passion.