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  • Polypharmacology and drug drug interactions

    In the context of current demographics, with the percentage of the population age 60+ increasing and set to reach 2 billion people by 2050, the concept of drug drug interactions has become a hot topic. The increase in life expectancy comes with some challenges, as for example polymedication for chronic diseases.  With up to 40% of over 65 year olds currently taking more than 4 prescription drugs, the risks of drug drug interactions are a cause for concern.
    There could be different levels of drug drug interactions related to polypharmacology and polymedication, modifying the results of the treatments in comparison to the same treatments applied individually. The interactions could be produced at a synergetic or antagonistic level (magnifying or neutralizing the effect of the drugs).

    These drug drug interactions could be caused by the interaction with the same target (protein) or with different proteins, related at a metabolic or regulation level.
    Currently there are a number of technologies to analyze these interactions, to predict the group of proteins which interact with the drugs. But the next step is to analyze the interaction network that could relate them (pathways) and interpret these relationships. Drug Drug interactions analysis is one of the fields we are investigating at Intelligent Pharma.
    Pathways are represented as graphs, so they can be studied using techniques of graph theory, one of the prime object of study in discrete mathematics. Computational Chemists, Doctors in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineers work together to process huge amounts of data and to create a technology to discover in an early stage drug drug interactions. If you are interested on this topic please contact us to share your insights.


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