July 17, 2017
A Roadmap to the Death of Death

Might our ancestors be the last to have experienced death? Two cutting-edge scientists studying longevity and regenerative medicine are very hopeful. Intelligent Pharma has recently attended a seminar on cutting edge technology and research regarding the lengthening of human life. Read to find out how far today’s science has progressed in the field of longevity, and how soon aging may become a part of the past.

Dr. Jose Luis Cordeiro, MBA, PhD, is a professor at Singularity University, an institution purposed to deal with the implications that may come with accelerating advancement in technology. Dr. Cordeiro believes that technology is advancing at a logarithmic rate as he emphasizes that the technological convergence of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information, technology, and cognitive sciences, will cause the power of research to increase at unprecedented rates. This will cause advances that far exceed what humanity has accomplished thus far.  Will the convergence of technology and biology lead to the immortality of man? Dr. Cordeiro strongly believes so, considering the ever-advancing capabilities of technology; he believes that the use of exponentially increasing computing power applied to biological phenomena will lead to the answers we need to prevent death.

While the cure of cancer may not directly lead to the death of death, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a researcher in fields related to regenerative medicine and longevity, insists that curing cancer will solve one piece of the puzzle that will lead to significant increases in the human lifespan. Dr. Grey explained the difference between age-related diseases and infectious diseases, emphasizing that age-related diseases are much more difficult to solve because of the fact that they are a result of mechanical “damage” to the body resulting from metabolism. His approach to lengthening life revolves around the maintenance of this damage in order to extend human life.

It follows, then, according to Dr. Grey, that the other pieces of the puzzle relating to mechanistic damage to the human body be solved as well. These other parts of the puzzle include cell loss, mitochondrial mutations, intracellular and extracellular junk, and extracellular matrix stiffening, all of which Dr. Grey is working on solving.

What do you think about these approaches to the lengthening of life? Do you think that logarithmic advances in technology will lead to human immortality? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below; we’re always interested in engaging in any dialogue with our followers!


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