Scientific Software Development Services

Development Capabilities

  • Bioinformatic & cheminformatic tools

    We can develop a wide range of customized tools to manipulate, process and store your molecules, proteins, biologics and the interactions between them.

  • Database management

    We develop solutions for any database environment including, but not restricted to, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, etc. Our partnership with Oracle allows us to deliver high-quality Oracle solutions to our clients.

  • Compound library management

    We organize your database to facilitate and accelerate data searches and mining.

  • Grid and cloud computing

    We are experts in using these technologies and distributed programming, allowing you to accelerate your scientific software solutions.

  • Virtualization

    We can handle virtualization environments, such as Citrix, to adapt and distribute your resources for your needs.

  • Multimedia data processing

    We can design artificial vision mechanisms to automatically analyze your cellular biology samples.

  • Machine learning

    We work on evolutive data mining and data analysis and can discover new knowledge within your databases.

  • Design of interfaces

    We create personalized interfaces for your research tools and workflows.

  • Web applications

    We develop customized web applications to respond to your scientific needs in a distributed, multiaccess and multiplataform manner. We are used to working with frameworks such as Play, Struds, Spring, etc.

  • Big data

    We can manage Big Data and develop infrastructure to gather, analyze, and profit from your data.

  • System architecture

    Designing, implementing, and using the right systems with the right architecture is crucial in all our developments.

  • Data & application security

    We know that security is essential in science, so we have experts in this field that add value to our developed technologies.

  • GPU programming

    When working with Intelligent Pharma, new computing paradigms and developing in QUDA are options. 

  • Agile methodologies

    SCRUM/Kanban is used in all of our developing processes.

  • Automated testing

    We implement strict testing procedures in all our developments including the use of Jenkins, JUnit, Cobertura, Selenium, etc.