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  • The company and our competitive advantages

    • 1. What makes Intelligent Pharma different?

      Intelligent Pharma is made up of a dynamic, flexible, committed, and experienced team of scientists, technicians, and professionals that can not only offer you the computational chemistry expertise you require, but also provide you with our innovative and differential cheminformatics tools for your projects. Intelligent Pharma gives you the option of outsourcing your computational and/or bioinformatics needs to a company that guarantees you will be working with a top-performing group of computational chemists and saving you from having to invest in a super-computational infrastructure, specific software solutions, training, and human resources.

      2. What are the advantages of Intelligent Pharma’s technologies?

      Our technologies allow us to approach drug discovery and development challenges in many different ways. High quality results can be obtained through a combined use of different technologies at the same time. Our technologies take advantage of experimental data in order to increase the quality of the predictions we make. Our technologies are all state-of-the-art. For example, a highly unique outcome of our research focus has been HELIOS, a ligand based virtual screening tool for comparing molecules on the basis of their 3D molecular fields (see Helios). For specific technological advantages, please visit For specific advantages related to our services, please visit A simple interface makes our technologies easy to use for not only our experts, but also for external use via the web (SaaS).

      3. How much does Intelligent Pharma invest in internal R&D?

      In order to deliver the latest capabilities and services on the market, Intelligent Pharma was designed from the beginning as an intensive R&D company. Intelligent Pharma’s investment in R&D varies from year to year, but, on average, the annual R&D budget exceeds 60% of the total budget. This investment is focused on the development of new tools based on supercomputing and computational chemistry.

      4. Can IP invoice from different countries?

      Intelligent Pharma is incorporated in the US and Europe, so we can invoice you from any of these offices depending on your location.

      5. Why should I work with Intelligent Pharma?

      Although computational chemistry is a very important field in life science research projects, not all the companies can afford to have their own consolidated team of computational chemists and the required technological resources. For this reason, a lot of small and medium sized companies entrust us with their projects to make their research more efficient and successful. For companies that already have a strong computational chemistry team, working with us allows them to complement their projects with other areas of expertise and reinforce their current work groups.

  • Projects

    • 6. How much does a project cost?

      The types of projects that we carry out are very diverse. At Intelligent Pharma, we can help you in almost all stages of the drug discovery process, ranging from target identification to regulatory affairs. Costs depend on the circumstances of each project; however, to give you an idea, approximately 75% of the projects our clients contract us for vary between € 15,000 and € 40,000 or $ 20,000 and $ 50,000.

      7. How long does a project take?

      The overall time to finish a project depends on the objective and the circumstances of the client. We finish most of our projects in 6-14 weeks. To facilitate your work planning process, we agree on a timeline with our client before starting a project.

      8. Which kind of molecules can you work with?

      At Intelligent Pharma, we have vast experience in working with drug-like, small molecules, but we also carry out projects with other kinds of molecules such as peptides, sugars, RNA, and proteins. Case by case, we study our clients’ needs and we are honest in accepting or refusing the projects that are proposed to us.

  • Intellectual property

    • 9. If Intelligent Pharma helps me on a project, who is the intellectual property owner?

      Intelligent Pharma is a service company, and for that reason, we never own the rights to the intellectual property of the projects that we deliver to our clients. Therefore, the owner of the intellectual property is always the client.

  • Collaboration strategy

    • 10. I would like to include Intelligent Pharma in a funded collaborative project, is that possible? What kind of policy does Intelligent Pharma have in that kind of situation?

      Intelligent Pharma has already participated in several funded collaborative projects. We clearly distinguish between projects in which we only act as service providers, and those we work on as technology developers. In the former, we like to participate as the “doers” of some specified subcontracted tasks. In these cases, we follow a fee-for-service model, allowing you to reduce the final cost of the project by selecting which services of the price estimate you approve for implementation. We also help consortiums write scientific and economic proposals that will be submitted for grant applications at no charge and with no obligation on the part of the applicant.

      However, if we participate as technology developers on a funded collaborative project, we expect to receive funds from the grant as any other participant would. In this case, we would be focused on developing new technologies that could eventually be used under no obligation by the rest of the consortium participants in the context of the funded collaborative project. In this case, the intellectual property of the developed technologies is always kept by IP.

      11. Would Intelligent Pharma be interested in being involved in a project with shared risks?

      We usually work on the basis of a fee-for-services model. Most of the projects we carry out are affordable, so our clients prefer not to pay us with a percentage of the royalties. However, we are open to new opportunities, so do not hesitate to contact us and present us with your proposal. We will evaluate it and give you an answer as soon as possible.

  • Products & Technologies

    • 12. Are all the technologies used to carry out the research projects developed by Intelligent Pharma?

      Our philosophy is that the quality of both the scientist and the applied tools is highly important in order to obtain the best results. That is why we put a lot of effort into developing new technologies that our scientists use on a daily basis. However, we do not waste time in redesigning a new tool if a good one is already on the market. In the case that a tool we need already exists, we acquire that external tool to complement our in-house technologies.

      13. What is HELIOS useful for?

      HELIOS, the first technology we developed at Intelligent Pharma, is a ligand-based virtual screening tool. HELIOS identifies molecules that present the same biological activity, even if the structures are completely different. HELIOS is used in many kinds of projects for virtual screening and also in molecular modeling projects, from target validation and hit identification to clinical trials.

      14. What is SELENE useful for?

      SELENE is a receptor-based virtual screening tool that we also developed at Intelligent Pharma. SELENE allows us to evaluate the potential activity of molecules, modeling the interaction between these molecules and targets. SELENE is also useful in hit optimization and toxicological studies.

      15. What is CHIRON useful for?

      CHIRON, launched in 2010, is a tool used to quickly optimize hits and leads. CHIRON combines artificial intelligence with experimental data to choose the best compounds to be synthesized during an optimization process. Using CHIRON, only a few compounds have to be tested, drastically reducing the time and cost of a project.

      16. What is MEDEA useful for?

      MEDEA is a tool used for activity prediction and to understand molecular behavior. MEDEA studies the relationship between the experimental data of molecules and their structural properties, allowing activities to be predicted and rules to be extracted. These rules help in the design of new active molecules and improve hits and leads.

      17. Have you published the results and proof-of-concepts obtained with your technologies?

      We are a relatively new, client-focused company, so we have not prioritized the publication of our internal results. However, we have prepared white papers with the proof of concepts of our technologies that include a comparison with other tools on the market. If you would like to consult the results we have obtained using our technologies, please contact us through the section dedicated to Molecular Modeling Services on our website.

      18. Are you developing new technologies?

      Yes, our Computer Science Department is always developing new tools based on computational chemistry and artificial intelligence. Currently, we are preparing the proof of concepts for PROMETHEUS, a de novo drug design tool

      19. Does Intelligent Pharma have its own supercomputational infrastructure?

      Yes, we have our own supercomputer of more than 250 processing elements that we use to carry out our clients’ projects. We can also collaborate with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to use their facilities if necessary.