December 15, 2015
Intelligent Pharma opens a new office in Germany

Intelligent Pharma recently opened a new office in Munich, Germany. This is the fifth international office that the company has set up in the same number of years. Intelligent Pharma currently has two European delegations in Heidelberg, Germany and the BioPark cluster in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom, and two offices in North America in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the latter specializing in petrochemical research.

The new Munich office will enable the creation of a solid commercial platform for high value-added services in the pharmaceutical industry. The objective of the office is to increase brand visibility and market share in the Bavarian region.

“We chose Munich because it is an area with a very powerful industry, and our market share is still low in that region. Currently, we are the only service provider in computational chemistry with a presence in five countries and customers in twenty countries around the world", says Dr. Ignasi Belda, founder and CEO of Intelligent Pharma.