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September 2, 2015
Intelligent Pharma gives a talk at the European Parliament

Intelligent Pharma was invited to give a talk in the European Parliament on September 2nd. The talk was in the context of a session organized by The Greens | European Free Alliance, entitled, "Reinventing our medical R&D system: Safeguarding universal access to medicines in the EU and in the world".

The talk, given by our CEO, Dr. Ignasi Belda, was about how information technologies could reduce the cost of research so the final price of medicines could be lower. During the rest of the session, a number of experts in the field gave their opinions about the current situation, the roots of the current problems, and possible solutions. Find the link to the session here.


July 13, 2015
Intelligent Pharma's team expands

Recently, Intelligent Pharma's team has grown according to the increase of projects that we received during this second quarter of the year. Two new computational chemists joined our team (both named Victor), two new computer scientists (Philipp and Toni), and one fellow, Gerard. We welcome all of them to our great team!

June 17, 2015
A great semester of events and conferences!

We are closing this month a great semester with multiple events and conferences, some of them proudly sponsored by Intelligent Pharma, such as the 14th Annual World Preclinical Congress, the 16th Drug Discovery Summit, or the Proteinase 2015: 9th RSC / SCI symposium on proteinase inhibitor design, that were held in Boston, Berlin and Basel, respectively.

We also attended to the Biotech Showcase 2015, in San Francisco, the BioEurope Spring 2015, in Paris, InCosmetics, in Barcelona, and of course, BIO2015, in Philadelphia.

What a busy semester! Let's start a new semester with lots of new international events!

May 29, 2015
Intelligent Pharma's birthday!

Today is our birthday! The company is now eight years old! We celebrated the event spending a great afternoon all together in a park next to our headquarters where we organized a picnic. Congratulations to all of you that contributed to the growth of Intelligent Pharma, including, our clients, the public administration, all our collaborators and, of course, all of our employees!

We will send the pictures of the celebration in our next newsletter!

February 24, 2015
Intelligent Pharma opens a branch in Canada

Intelligent Pharma opens its forth international branch, now in Canada. The branch will be focused on the oil and gas market. The branch will be led by our colleague Dr. Codorniu. Contact us for more information about the services that we can provide in the oil and gas market.