Intelligent Pharma
Scientific Software Development Services

Our Clients

Scientific Software Development Services customers include life science companies committed to the use of innovative IT tools in their daily research activities. Typical Scientific Software Development Services clients are:

  • Pharma and Biotech R&D Heads

    that want to integrate innovative computational tools into their companies to manage large quantities of data (e.g. HTS data), standardize work-flows by automatizing the tasks, or stimulate innovation within the research team by sharing information and results in an intelligent way.

  • Life science researchers

    that are in need of specific computational tools so that they can focus solely on their research. Other life sciences research clients include those in need of our super-computational resources to do calculations with the assistance of our engineers. 

  • Institutional Research Promoters

    that want to stimulate innovation, traceability, and collaboration within their research institutions.

  • Medical Device CTOs

    that want to outsource their software development and optimize their medical devices to a prepared group of computational scientists who have exclusive access to their own internal and external supercomputing facilities.

  • Project Directors that deal with alliances and collaborations

    within the pharmaceutical industry that want to establish safe mechanisms to share, trace, and store information generated through these collaborations.